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If you need a more robust reporting of your Exceptions, you can just add a report() method to your exception classes. Laravel will auto-detect that (and the render method) and run the logic inside. What's the difference between render and report in Exception classes? In render method you will typically want to return a response of some type (json/view), while report method you will typically want to Log the exception (file/database). And if you are using some 3rd party reporting tool like Sentry or Bugsnag you will want to call that in the report method as well. ``` use Exception; use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Log; class FooException extends Exception { /** * Report the exception. * * @return void */ public function report() { // Using simple Log Log::warning($this->getMessage()); // Using 3rd party integration like Sentry or Bugsnag app('sentry')->captureException($this); } } ```

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