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Laravel team has recently announced that they are moving from a 6 month major release cycle to 12 month major release cycle. This is due to many users feeling that versions were being released frequently since adopting the *"semantic versioning"* standard even though the cycle speed stayed the same. And because of this decision, the team decided to backport parallel testing to Laravel 8, which was supposed to be a major feature of the Laravel 9 release. Developers like us can now enjoy the benefits of faster running tests as of Laravel 8.25! We can read the full announcement here: [Laravel: New Release Schedule]( Here's a preview of tests in one of my major projects before and after implementing parallel test. ![]( As you can see, that's about 50% increase in time it took to complete the entire test suite and more than 80% reduction on memory usage. I don't know about you but that is insane! You can read full details of the new feature here [Laravel: Parallel Testing Is Now Available](

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