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So, I have recently resigned from the company that I work for and started looking for a new one. I sent out my resume to a few interesting senior PHP developer recruitment ads that I saw online and one recruiter scheduled me for an initial interview. The interview went well and I was able to answer all of the questions she asked me. I was also able to ask couple of questions myself. So she scheduled me for a technical exam which she will send the details through the email. Couple of hours later I received the email with the instructions for the technical exam. I was drinking soda while reading the email and I almost choked when I got to this part: > Create the following: > > A web app that does CRUD with authentication and user roles using PHP/Laravel + React.JS. > Create APIs, using PHP/Laravel, that is consumed by your mobile app (React Native, iOS preferably otherwise Android). > Add features that will impress us to showcase your skills, expertise, and experience. Examples below: > > - payment gateway (Paypal, preferably Stripe) > - maps / navigation (Google Maps, Here, etc.) > - social media (SSO, automatic posting, etc.) > - machine learning / AI (facial recognition, eye tracking, etc.) > - blockchain / cryptocurrency > - digital signature, image processing, etc. > - SMS / email integration > - real-time, push notification (chat for example) > - may use any other external or 3rd party API integrations My first thoughts were, *Are they serious?! Are they really asking me to implement Payment Gateway, Navigation, Machine Learning/AI, Blockchain/Cryptocurrency on a freaking technical exam to IMPRESS THEM?!* Dear recruiters, please do not do this. This is equivalent to me applying as a dentist and you're asking me to perform a brain surgery as a technical exam just so I could impress you. This is like asking me to develop a product MVP on my technical exam. This is giving me an impression that you either do not know what you're looking for from a senior developer, or you have no idea what these technologies are. If you have no idea what skillsets to look for from a candidate, then ask some one who has expertise on the field, like other senior developers. And I am 100% sure they will not include Blockchain or Machine Learning from that list.

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